Heavenly Bodies

Objects that are so ancient that they precede not only humanity and intelligent life on the planet, but also any form of life known to us

“… then the land was consumed by fire and flames surrounded the trees, plants, animals and men. Only a few of the Mocoví people saw the fires coming and dove into rivers and lagoons, where they were turned into capybaras and crocodiles. Two of them, a man and his wife, sought refuge in a tall tree, where they looked on as the rivers of fire flooded the surface of the earth; but unexpectedly, the fire blew upwards and burned their faces and turned them into monkeys …”

From the Jesuit missionary Guevara, on the Mocoví myth on how the Sun fell from the sky (1764).


Land Artist Jim Denevan on the Ice

In Pursuit of the Impermanent

I've posted about Jim Denevan and his "Sand" Art in May (see here). Today I found out that in this spring he also "created a large scale artwork on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal, Siberia. The spiral of circles, along a fibonacci curve, grow from an origin of 18" to several miles in diameter."


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